About Us

I'm Bobbi Scherr. I was born and raised in Hartford, WI. I’m the daughter of Mary & Dale Scherr and I have a younger brother, Michael.  I attended St. Kilian’s School from Kindergarten through Eighth grade. I graduated high school from Hartford Union in 2007. In May of 2013 I graduated from Concordia University of Wisconsin with a Bachelors of Social Work. 
Throughout college I worked as a nanny and waitress. I also popped in the gym to help coach as much as I could. After graduation I began the search for the perfect job. The perfect job that I had in mind was a job that I could work with kids and be a positive influence in their lives. Well like most new graduates will tell you finding the perfect job is pretty tough.  This is when I started to become more involved with coaching gymnastics again. This is when I realized that coaching was the perfect job for me. Coaching is my true passion.  It is a passion of mine that was passed down from my mom. My mom was a gymnast herself in high school and in her 20s began coaching. Shortly after she started coaching the youth program in Hartford she was in a car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down.  With the support of many she decided to continue coaching both the youth and high school team after her accident. Coaching gymnastics from a wheelchair required my mom to hire someone to help with spotting. Finding reliable help was harder than she thought. After expressing this frustration to my dad he offered to help.
Since both of my parents are coaches I spent the majority of my childhood in the gym and gymnastics has always been an important piece of my life.  When I think about all of my life goals as a child, they all had to do with gymnastics. Well not much has changed I guess. My mom has always dreamed of having her own gym and her dreams turned into my dreams.  So, my plan is to continue to build on the foundation my parents have built over the last 30+ years.
For  30+ years Hartford Gymnastics held its classes at Hartford Union High School. However with all the activities the high school has to offer it has become more difficult to get gym time for the youth gymnastics program.  Therefore in order to continue to build the program I realized that we would need a space to call our own. So, the search began and I found a location that will fit our needs.  We are now located at 610 Wacker Dr. in Hartford!